Top Tips for Your First Trip to China

Travel Tips for China

When it comes to the countries that I’ve visited, I am no stranger to China. This past November, I made my fifth trip to China, this time visiting the province of Yunnan. It was such a beautiful place architecturally, with some unique highlights. But more on Yunnan will be coming in a different blogpost.

What I want to focus on today is some travel tips for China on your first visit, so you get a little more familiar.

Travel Tips for China

    • Haggle in the markets. They expect you to.
    • Smoking is everywhere.
    • Don’t speak Mandarin or Cantonese? Stay in nicer hotels. The front desk staff will most likely be well versed in English and can help you with tourist-related stuff.
    • Always bring a hotel card to show the drivers. Ask the front desk to write the Chinese name of your hotel as well.
    • Ask the front desk to write in Chinese regarding where you want to go. That way, if you ever get lost, anyone can help.
    • The main way to get around is taxi, unless you’re in the big city where the metro is available.
    • Bring crisp, new $100 bills to exchange money without any markings, wrinkles or ripping. Credit cards haven’t caught on, so cash is best.
    • Most temple attractions are free to Chinese nationals but foreigners pay a nominal fee. Children’s fees are based on height most of the time, not age.
    • Chinese tourists are a bit rude so there’s no point in getting upset.
  • If you don’t like Chinese food or are afraid of getting bored with the cuisine, McDonalds and KFC are everywhere, as well as dashes of Starbucks.

Some of these tips can, of course, be applied to other countries in Asia as well.

If you’ve been to China, what are some tips that you think I’m missing?

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  1. December 10, 2017 / 9:47 pm

    Your photos are so well done. I haven’t been to China but hope so someday. These tips would be handy!

    Jessica |

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